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Salt with Savor is dedicated to sharing articles that are based completely on the Bible. Each article is carefully reviewed by a number of pastors, missionaries, and other men of God prior to being published in order to ensure Biblical accuracy. These articles are categorized by intent. Currently, there are three different categories:

  1. Answered questions 
  2. Devotionals
  3. Apologetics

Answered questions

    What does the Bible say about this? I know I believe that, but why do I believe it? If you have these kind of questions, this is the category for you! These articles were created in response to a deluge of unanswered questions about the Bible. The truth is out there, but so are falsehoods; and it can be difficult at times to separate the two. Salt with Savor takes the stance that the only absolute source of truth is the Bible and thus builds all answers and articles on an examination of the Word of God. All references will be given in-line and readers are encouraged to challenge anything they read here.


    These articles are intended for mature and maturing Christians to help them reach the next level in their walk with God. These articles will examine typical Christian behavior or challenge beliefs from a Biblical perspective. These are not soft, gentle articles to make readers feel good, but are intended to be thought-provoking! 


    Both the Bible and Christian beliefs are under a constant barrage of doubt, derision, and attack. Everyone from atheists claiming that there is no God to zoroastrians claiming that Christianity is but a descendant of their religion attempt to discredit the Bible and steer Christians from the truth. Unfortunately, they are winning the battle in our universities and colleges and Christians youths are unprepared to respond intellectually in defense of the truth! These articles are intended to help Christians present reasoned arguments in justification of the Word of God and the doctrines that are built on it.

Overall, the purpose of this website is encourage Christians to continue growing by answering common or difficult questions, sharing insights into the Bible or Christianity, and challenging beliefs from a Biblical perspective. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments please send an email to contact@saltwithsavor.com.

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